Making Online Education Accessible

There are many barriers that can obstruct online learning. During the Covid-19 period many of us have become increasingly aware of them - some require us to adapt our pedagogies others involve rethinking our use of technology. This webinar is an opportunity to examine some of the hurdles and explore solutions for overcoming them or limiting their impact. This webinar took place on 1st September 2020.

A summary report of the webinar is available for download.

The key 'takeaways' from the report are:
  • Don’t seek to replicate online what you do in the classroom: online learning requires a different learning rhythm.
  • Recognise that it is not necessary for teacher and students to interact in real time for learning to take place.
  • Reserve synchronous learning for when it matters most.
  • Don’t over-structure or over-stuff a course with content and activities. Too much information can become an accessibility issue for students if they find it overwhelming or hard to navigate.
  • See students as ‘partners’ in developing a course as it progresses, not just in term of giving feedback but in finding their own ways to achieve outcomes.

Speakers :