The following workshops are offered throughout the academic year and can be offered on demand. Please contact EDuIT for questions or requests:

Introduction to Canvas

This workshop introduces you to Canvas, the Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS). This is a hands-on workshop that guide you through some basic features of Canvas, i.e., how to add content, send announcements and create assignments and discussions. It is designed for teachers new to using Canvas.

Using Quizzes and Aligning Quizzes to Learning Outcomes

Do you want to provide more just-in-time support for your students throughout the course? Research has shown that using formative or ongoing assessments can enhance engagement and performance. This workshop will show you how to incorporate online quizzes to enhance teaching and learning, how to link quizzes to learning outcomes, and using quiz analytic data to inform your teaching. Workshop participants will gain hands-on experience with using quizzes, discussion forums and learning analytics on Canvas.

Using Assignments, Rubrics, SpeedGrader and Grades

Rubrics help teachers to communicate their expectations to students, give learners informative feedback, and assess learners more fairly and transparently. This workshop will look at how to design rubrics for different types of assessments. Participants will also have the opportunity set up a rubric on Canvas and see how to use them to grade assignments on Canvas.
Applying Vygotsky’s sociological cultural learning approach, this workshop will guide you through how to create discussions on Canvas to facilitate peer learning effectively.

Canvas Modules – Bringing it together

This session will explore how you can organise Canvas to guide students through learning experiences and monitor their progress. The session will look at the key functions in Canvas and how they can be brought together using the Modules function. The session will also cover elements of module planning, constructive alignment and course design.

Joint workshop by EDuIT and Library

Are you interested updating your course materials with digital resources from the library, such as eBooks, articles, films and recorded performances? In this workshop, jointly offered by the library and EDuIT, you will learn about the library resources available for your disciplines and how to find, organise, and share them on Canvas with your students. You will also learn about the support available for you to build your digitalised curriculum.

Support for Canvas Course Design and Learning and Teaching

If you would need more support for course design, please contact the Senior Educational Designers at HKAPA for your school for 1-1 consultation.
School of Chinese Opera
School of Film & TV
School of Theatre & Entertainment Arts
School of Dance
School of Drama
School of Music

Canvas Tech Support 24/7 for Faculty and Student

If you have any technical issues, on the Canvas page, click “HELP” on the side menu, you can Chat with Canvas Support.

For teachers

Your current Canvas courses can be accessed on your Dashboard.
You can access past courses on Canvas by clicking “Courses”, and select "All courses"
Your files, assignments, grades, discussions and other core Canvas features are stored. But the content hosted on external websites or platforms, One Drive, Google Drive or YouTube, are not stored on Canvas.
Note that students can also access all their Canvas courses during their study in the Academy. If you have created assessment, i.e. Quizzes, on Canvas that you do view after completing the course, you can “unpublish” the assessments.

For Students
You can access all your Canvas courses, past and present, during your time in the Academy.